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Project 6

Lignano Sabbiadoro, 2018.


Competition of ideas : Logo for the "Progetto Arianna" of the Municipality of Lignano Sabbiadoro.

The logo represents the circularity of the daily routine of the workers of Lignano Sabbiadoro. They operate with the tourists and are busy between work, family, household items and transfers.

Project 5

Florence, 2018.

Ideas competition : A fountain for "Piazza del Carmine".

The designed fountain is a tree, like the recently built garden grove. Indeed an apple tree, as the one of the Eden, magically rapresented by Masaccio in the nearby "Cappella Brancacci".

Project 4
Cagliari, 2017.

In collaboration with Gabriele Orlandi architect.

Competition of the new logo of the Order of Architect P.P.C. of Cagliari and South Sardegna.

The design is inspired by the entrance of the "nuraghe", wich is the access to a protected and recognizable place between two environments and two historical periods. It contains a three-dimensional sense of depth and a design with shadow and light.

Finally it is an A.

Project 3

City of Ryde - Australia, 2016.

Member of a group of architects.


Ideas competition for the urban and architectural design of the multifunctional Civic Center of City of Ryde.

Project 2, 2014.


Ideas competition :

Illy City Mug.

San Francisco, Roma, London, Paris, Milano e Hong Kong.

Project 1

Parma, 2009.


Competition of Ideas : "Stanze Pubbliche all'aperto", redevelopment of Piazza Mattarella in Parma - Municipality of Parma, Urban Quality Agency

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