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Restyling projects for hotels

To identify the personality and the characteristics od the hotel,

in order to strengthen the identity of the place and to enhance the space with the style of the hosptality.



Project 3
Florence, 2017


Historic hostel in Florence downtown.
The most important theme of the project were the many memories and objects presents in the common spaces; they were selected and enhaunced. The project was about a new multi-functional space which worked as a filter area between the city and the hostel.
The concept aimed to enhaunce the natural light adn the sequence of the paths.
We wanted a modern language, but linked to the Tuscan tradition.

Project 2
Viareggio (LU), 2016

1920s building, bound in the "Soprintendenza" for the cultural heritage, very gracious on the outside. Inside there was coexistence of different styles and with different dating, there were furnishing and objects assembled in a random way. The place inspired us to maintain a strong reference to the Liberty style, that was popular in Versilia in the early 1900s. Protagonists were the drop glass chandeliers ("Stile Impero"). The project wanted to bring inside natural light and lightness .

The hotel is pet friendly.

Project 1
Lido di Camaiore (LU), 2016

The restyling project started from the hotel facede, towards the square and close the sea and it aimed to make the buiding attractive for the new customers; we designed an outdoor area welcoming and illuminated. We wanted to paint a big and suggestive logo on the side wall of the building, visible and recognized even from the distance. We wanted more identity. The project inspirations were taken from the marine context; the colors were warm and lively, the choosen materials were wood, braided rope and iron.

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