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Realizzazioni in ferro

Project 6

Florence, 2017


Iron pergola to support climbing vegatation to shade the 4th floor terrace.

The pergola was made by an artisan with personalized decorations.


Project 5

Florence, 2017


Handcrafted railings for an early 1900s independent villa.

Wrought iron.


Project 4

Florence, 2016


Veranda inside the house, made with iron and glass.


It is a filter between the house and the garden and it becomes an useful service space.


The area around the veranda is full of natural light and it is enhauced by the windows. This has a nice scenographic effect.


Project 3

Florence, 2016



External house staircase, made in painted iron with grey galvanized grating shelves.

Project 2​

Vaglia (Florence), 2015


Forniture for the living room made of black iron and corten iron.

It is composed by two parts assembled by interlocking.


The project is about the dfferent colors and finishes of the two parts of the forniture and about the details of the joints.


There are different support surfaces and storage compartments.


The dimensions of the forniture are 143" x 22" x 22".


Project 1
Florence, 2013



Internal staircase, to go to the under-roof, made by painted iron, with a central shaped beam.


Wooden shelves.


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